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Welcome to Preston College, where your learning and lifelong ambitions are our main focus. Preston College started as unaided private institution in 2004 to provide quality education to people from all walks of life and from all corner of the country. We have since diversified and now offer a broad range of courses.
Our dream as founder was to assist people to achieve their learning and career goals in the most innovative, positive and supportive environment. Preston College continues to set standards in the education and related fields by maintaining industry contact and worldwide research. At Preston College, the education we offer will inspire and encourage you. It will engage every corner of your thinking, your imagination and your heart. Our students think big, dream big, aim high. And we provide them an education that helps reach their goals. What do you want to learn? What do you want to do? How do you want to change the world? We know that you have high expectations for yourself as an individual, a scholar, a professional and a citizen of the world.


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Our wealth of opportunities will inspire you and help you discover talents and passions. The education we offer will allow you to realize your biggest dreams. How big are your ambitions? What are your talents? Where will your interests take you? Are you ready? What will you become? Now it is your turn to meet the challenges and opportunities of the day, find your voice, shape your ideas and test those ideas against realities of the world. You can begin that journey with supportive friends and wise mentors like people you will meet in the Preston College. Together, they make up the heart and soul of a remarkable place called "Preston College." We trust you will have a great experience while associated with Preston College - whatever your chosen dream or goal in life - and we wish you every success.