Our unique approach to student learning prepares you for the challenges of life and work. The aim is to help you fulfill your intellectual and personal potential in a way that significantly contributes to each and every role that you play in society. In keeping view with the philosophy of student-centered learning the teaching methodology at Preston College emphasizes the importance of learning through direct experience which promotes the development of independent learning and key transferable skills. A combination of teacher-supervised and independent learning activities at individual and group levels are integrated into the system learning such that students are optimally involved in assessment of their own progress through faculty and peer feedback. Teaching is an active process in which an instructor shares knowledge with students and facilitates their thinking to make behavioral changes. Learning is the process of thinking and assimilating information with a resultant change in behavior. Teaching-learning process is thus, a planned interaction that promotes behavioral change that is not a result of maturation or coincidence. The instructor is the prime mover of the teaching learning process. S/he directs the flow of the process and facilitates learning. While the instructor serves as the main control, the learner is considered as the key participant in the teaching learning process. She/he regarded as the primary subject. Therefore, student has to become more responsible for his/her learning. Assuming the onus of learning onto him/her, the student is required to "pull" out the information he/she is seeking from the process facilitated by the instructor and is think actively to develop a new perspective on reality. Independent Learning : Assignment activity forms the cornerstone of student-led learning. From conceiving, planning and researching an activity to implementing and reflecting on actual experiences-students employ a vast range of creative tools which serve to expand their assignments, seminars, presentations, group discussions-all these form part of student's independent learning process.